Your Next Trip? Irish Spring,Why Not?

Where to next? Ireland! After careful consideration, I’ve set the next destination as a jaunt to Ireland for lots of sightseeing, hanging out in Pubs, and a few hikes where particularly note-worthy.

I suppose the trip has always been on the list. It’s long been a favorite feel for my brother – an avid fan of Guinness, Hobbits, and places cold and wet (Seattle and Portland). So you see why Ireland would line up there…

In my mind, I’m picturing a wet little Shire from The Lord of the Rings (below) with lots of rain, or dew covered stone steps, and a wee fellow constantly coming around to hand me a fresh pint of Guinness.


The trip I’ve planned has all been done with a relative low amount of effort and preparation. Finding flights was probably the most arduous process, but we settled on British Airways and included a stop-over in London to visit some old friends.

Once we booked the trip, I started to see more and more news about Ireland pop up.

St. Patrick’s Day was a few weeks back and I’d seen a joint announcement with Travelzoo, they did live stream of the parade and also mentioned that Ireland was one of their top travel destinations for 2017.

Even more recently, I’ve seen lovely Instagram posts about the Library at Trinity College in Dublin. Now it will be a must see. As a book lover, I think you might feel your heart flutter when you look at these photos. 

Ok so I’m going to Ireland, what’s the plan?

Well I did say this was low preparation but what I do know so far is we’re planning on a road trip style of visit where we may only have a day in each city. We are sticking to the Southern areas of Ireland. And of course, we must fly in and out of Dublin.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’m thinking:

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.22.47 PM

Have you been to Ireland? I’d love to hear tips or suggestions on what we should add to the trip? What is a must see?

Feel free to post as a comment below.

I’ll update you all when the plan is better built out. When’s the trip? At the end of the month!

Until next time,



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