– Travel Pro Awards

Exciting stuff! I got an email yesterday letting me know I was picked as a Travel Pro for 2017! I had the pleasure of being a Pro 2016, and looking forward to keeping up the travel writing, photos, and postcards on


In case you missed, was formerly Gogobot – but after a partnership with Expedia, they shifted their name to

If you have not joined, take a quick look at their website and try downloading the Trip mobile app.

What is Trip? It’s a simple mix of Facebook, Google, Yelp, and Instagram, for travelers who want to help each other. You can search for things nearby you, you can plan your weekend getaway, or you can ask a question about your trip to Europe or your first time in NYC, and you’ll be blown away by the professional tips, recommendations, and guided spots you can’t miss. So how does it help? Well, for example, it adds all the advice to a planned trip and shows you on the map where to go. It’s nice to have that all saved in the app, ready for when you need it.

Well, I highly suggest taking a look and you can find more of my reviews and travel photos over on

Until next time,



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