Back (when the trip comes to an end)!

It’s always a bit sad. After all that planning – the hours of searching and booking of tickets, the daydreaming, and the bubbling excitement – the trip must come to an end and you find yourself back home, where it all started.

Perhaps you even find yourself sat in the same cozy chair, staring out the same window. Only this time you can’t believe it. You actually did it! You went!

Yes, you have seen the sights, you have felt that foreign wind on your face and the soil beneath your boots. You have met the locals, you have sampled the cuisine, and you have become quite intoxicated on the tipple of choice.

When you return from a great trip it feels so very strange. It can feel as if you have been gone for years and you’ve just returned and everything is somehow very different (like an astronaut back from another planet) but at the same time, it can feel as if the whole trip flashed before your eyes and now it’s over. Just like that? It’s over.

I’m back from four weeks of backpacking and crossing my way from Cusco, Peru to Bolivia (and the salt flats), up to Colombia and the wonders of Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena. I’m back in the USA. Strange indeed.

Last you likely heard, we had a plan to take on South America and it had all been booked rather professionally.

Well that whirlwind trip was a blast! It’s been a few weeks since we returned and I’ve mostly unpacked, handed out trinkets to smiling friends upon my return, and stored my gear up in the closet where it will wait until summoned again, for the next journey.

Highlights of the trip include hiking Machu Picchu – and doing it right – with the four day Inca Trail excursion, touring the expansive Salt Flats, and kicking back with some rum and a cuban cigar in Colombia.

As my friends and I recollect on the trip and go sift through our many photos, I’ll leave you with this snapshot of our trip from the TakeYaThere instagram page:


Stay tuned for the full stories and all the photos from South America 2016.

Dang, that was quite the trip!

Until next time,




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