Sayulita, Mexico: Just What You Need

Tucked up into the rustic Pacific coast in the Nayarit state, Sayulita is just what you need and nothing you don’t.

Surprisingly – at only 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta – the swarms of Tourists and all the trouble that comes with them are nowhere in sight. Instead, when you amble around in your flip flops, you’ll find: surfers, families, hippie Americans that moved down 10 years ago, tourists from Seattle and Vancouver, BC.,

So it’s not touristy? No no no. I didn’t say that. In fact, it’s very touristy. But the type of touristy that I think you may actually welcome.

Let’s say you arrive for a 5 day vacation and forgot to pack something. The main square and local streets will have everything you could need. There’s a few small grocery stores, corner stores, and even a convenience store built on the beach so you will never, ever, go without a cold beer.

Now that all your most basic needs are met, you can sit back and relax. Without a care in the world you can stroll the entirely walkable small town. Nobody drives a car, though some rent golf carts. Note to anyone reading: you do not want to be one of the people with the golf carts. Let the senior citizens use those. You can walk. It’s good for you.

So what should you do in Sayulita? For most, it’s as simple as lounging on the jaw dropping beach and then an unabashed procession of sipping beers and tequila, snacking on fish tacos and snacks, maybe admiring the sunset, then repeating.

Part of your trip should include a boat ride / snorkeling trip to the Marietta Islands, admiring the local arts and artesian gifts, and a bit of surfing. But don’t take my word for it, here’s a top 10 list.


There’s a bevy of great Airbnb houses you can find and VRBO has many options. There are not hotels or skyscrapers, so you should look for a comfortable house or apartment and weigh the following: pool, distance to the beach, view of the ocean. (What else matters in life really?)

My recommendation is hands down the Casa Diem at the luxury beach condos, Pajaro de Fuego. Melanie is the owner and she replies promptly and will make sure you have no issue reserving your trip. When you arrive the condo staff are very kind. It’s the perfect mix of your own apartment and a hotel with staff, security, nice pool, etc.,



So while you are enjoying the amazing views of the blue Pacific, here’s a look at some of what you’ve gotta do in Sayulita.

1.) Explore the beach and head away from the surfers to the remote area of the beach for some rustic jungle trails.

2.) Eat as many fish tacos as you can handle.

3.) Make sure you slow down. Maybe turn off the phone. Sip a few Pacificos before you do anything else.


Been to Sayulita before? If you have any other recommendations let’s hear them below as comments.

I’ll be heading back at the end of the month to explore Sayulita in more detail.

Until next time,




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