The Best Things I Ate in Cartagena, Colombia!

The list is hard to remember. Harder even to compile now, as I did not have much of a lunch and seeing these photos is borderline torture.

Well here you are – the best things I ate on a recent trip to Cartagena, Colombia.

Whole fried fish, coconut rice, plantains, and lime. Best enjoyed while your feet are in the sand and you’ve got a cold Aguila beer with you.


Whole charred octopus with potato salad and creamy mustard sauce. This was at the famous, Juan del Mar restaurant inside the city walls.


Seafood and snails over coconut rice. Also served at Juan del Mar.


French style Lobster with steamed vegetables for my dad and an amazing, I mean amazing, ox tail beef dish over sweet potato puree with crisped vegetable chips. This was from the restaurant 1621 at the Hotel Sofitel Santa Clara.


Have you been to Cartagena and tried something else? Post below as a comment!



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