Street Art in San Francisco, CA

– San Francisco, CA

Tucked into the heart of this city-by-the-bay, rests one of the most vibrant, cultural, and increasingly entertaining neighborhoods in the USA. Of course, I’m talking about the Mission!

The mission is famously known for it’s rich latin heritage (strong Mexican/Latin American presence), hipster vibe, and trendy bars and shops. It doesn’t make sense at first, but as you stroll the area, you slowly but surely will begin to fall in love with everything you see and experience (except the hipsters…it’s ok to still dislike hipsters!).

Aside from the crazy good food, nightlife, and people-watching, there’s a famous street set off of 17th and Valencia St., lined with entrancing art murals which will make your head spin.

Here’s a sampling of what I found but really, this is a trip worth making for anyone lucky enough to visit San Francisco, California.

Mission Street Art



Where have you found the world’s best street art? Let’s hear it below as a comment or over on Twitter @TakeYaThere



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