How could I forget about Prague?

What’s your favorite destination in Europe? Yes, it’s a tough one…but pick one city and tell us below as a comment. Ours? Madrid or Florence!



“She went outside and set off in the direction of the embankment. She wanted to see the Vltava. She wanted to stand on its banks and look long and hard into its waters, because the sight of the flow was soothing and healing. The river flowed from century to century, and human affairs play themselves out on its banks. Play themselves out to be forgotten the next day, while the river flows on.”

Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

In early May, I continued my holiday from Istanbul to Prague.  It wasn’t easy to get to Prague from Tbilisi, at least without paying an arm and a leg.  People there asked me why I was visiting, and why I suffered three flights each way to get there.  The answer was not for the night life, or the pilsner, or even the beauty of the city.  It was for the…

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