A Weekend in Baler

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A weekend and an ambition to learn to surf brought me and my friends to a fourth-class municipality in the Philippines: Baler. Initially, we had to choose whether to hire an agency to bring us there or to simply do the job ourselves. Going with the latter proved to be not only cheaper, but also more adventurous!

How to get there

Baler is about five to six hours from Manila by bus. Genesis Transport has daily trips going to Baler. Book a Joybus for a more comfortable seat (PhP 700). Contact them here.

Unfortunately, though we were able to book the Joybus going to Baler, we were unable to book seats for the bus back to Manila. If we were to take an ordinary bus, we would have to leave town on Sunday morning, meaning that we officially only spend an entire day in Baler. Since we were…

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