USA or Bust! A Holiday Recap

Well after a much needed and thoroughly enjoyed 3 week vacation, I’m back to work, back to writing, and back to Madrid.

Christmas time in Florida is always a little strange: it never quite feels, well Christmasy, but this year I was not going to complain with the chance to enjoy a bit of warm weather, a few rounds of golf, and some family time. Of course I also successfully smuggled in a large packet of sliced jamón ibérico (suck it TSA) and felt obliged to whip up some spanish specialties: the menu included a sample of jamón ibérico, aspargus wrapped in jamón ibérico, an egg scramble with potatoes and green peppers (in spanish: huevos rotos) and a caprese salad.

One of the first things I was sure to do when I got back to the USA was to load up on anything and everything spicy! One thing you might not realize about the Spanish is that they hate spice. They hate it! I mean they really really hate it. Hate it like Paula Dean hates veggies. Yes, even the slightest whiff of spice, or the gentlest hint of a burning sensation, will often send a Spaniard into a bizarre (and quite amusing) downward spiral of swearing, air-fanning, and forceful crying as they blare, “Oooooh que pica!”, in the girliest of ways.

Suffice it to say, I ate a lot of Thai food. My favorite hands down.

I also struck gold when it came to Christmas presents – raking in a new iphone, a jacket, and plenty of socks.

During my trip home to the United States I was also able to jaunt off to San Francisco for 5 days and slurp oysters, say hi to old friends, and more than anything else, kick back and relax.

Below you’ll find some photos from my trip in the United States…stay tuned for more travels as I’m back in Madrid and ready to take on Europe. Next stops may include: Portugal, Italy, and Croatia.

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