Build Up to Christmas

Christmas is a comin’! 

Yes, it’s that time of year again and so it seems only reasonable to sit down and reflect on the happenings here in Madrid, Spain. Of course, after the first couple weeks of new-school-year turmoil: the uneasy growing period where both students and teachers must work to find their rhythm and adjust to the daily schedule, all is good and well. I am teaching english like a mother f***er, that is to say I work at an Instituto (a high school) and am an assistant with some teachers in the classroom and teach other classes on my own. Most days I work from 9am until 2:30pm…but for various reasons, namely cash-flow, I have added a robust schedule of private english classes to my schedule, and therefore you can usually find me shuttling about on the metro from one house to another, only to return home at about 8:30pm. But each day is fun, interesting, almost never the same, and it all pays well, or at least well enough.

The summer with her burdensome heat, quickly turned from refreshingly cool and Autmn-y , to an icy and freezer-cold winter, all in the blink of an eye. But one thing became very clear as the seasons changed, if you’re going to visit Madrid, the absolute best time of year to come is September or October. I know most come to visit during the Summer – looking for fun-times and a new tan – but this city is really the most enjoyable in the Fall. Hands down. I guess the best way to put it: this city was made for sweater-weather. You can stroll about comfortably and still enjoy crisp, sunny days.

But now, it’s Christmas season and walking the downtown streets, it would be impossible to miss. Here, all of the streets are decorated from head-to-toe and are packed shoulder-to-shoulder with shopping families. If you ask me the best type of weather for Christmas is something akin to all the books and films…something cold, clear, and maybe even snowy. Scarfs and gloves required. This year I’ll be enjoying all the yuletide merriment tropical style. It seemed like a great idea and my flexible schedule allowed me to book a grandiose, three week trip from Madrid to Tampa, Fl. Why Tampa? Good question but that’s where my parents live with tons of family nearby. So come Christmas I’ll be looking out for Santa…hopefully in shorts. It may not be a Dicken’s Christmas, but come the 24th, I will be ready for the USA, warm-weather, and above all, some family time.

– Keep Traveling


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