Back to School

The dog days of summer are long gone and the new school year is quickly approaching. Yes, it all begins on Monday and so with less than a week to go, both students and teachers – like parched vampires – are trying to suck every drip of enjoyment from the dwindling supply of sweet, sweet summer.

Next week the halls will be filled with an angry hive of teenage angst, drama, and never ending noise. The teachers will undoubtedly be doing their best to herd the backpacks and braces into the correct classroom or stand huddled by the printer, ready to hurry to class as the bell rings.

Of course all the excitement does not mean the summer was wasted. Almost everyone who lives here in the capitol city of Madrid took off for a coastal beach town or village to cool off and enjoy time with their family. They will most likely return this week with bronzed faces and wide smiles. While I didn’t escape for the entire summer I was lucky enough to evade the heat of July while working with an english language camp and relax during the month of August  in Tarifa, the beach town famous for windsurfing and a breezy attitude. For those who remained in Madrid, the summer I’m sure, passed slow and hot and filled with a whole lot of tourists.

For me, the excitement of the new school year is palpable and the listlessness of august has faded away. That’s not to say the grueling month of July wasn’t fun or an experience I’m now glad to have well behind me, or that the sunny rays and long shadows of August were not a much needed reprieve. But now I think I’m ready. Ready for a new wave of students and fresh faces, ready to meet new teachers, and most of all ready to this city swell with life and movement. Yea…come monday I should be ready.


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