Summertime is Just Around the Bend

Kids of all ages are pushing and shoving, yelling and screaming…throwing strange glances back and forth and all the while secretly sending off a flurry of text messages. The oppressive heat is bearing down from above and allergy season is wreaking havoc on everyone’s nasal system (or maybe just mine). Aw yes, summer is here.

The students and the teachers alike are jumpy with excitement as less than two weeks remain in the school year. Then it’s summer break!

In the U.S.A, the long 3 month break  is a treasured and untouchable way of life – something we write books and make movies about. In Spain, the summertime seems to be almost equally important. As spring turns to summer, the conversations shift to summer excursions with questions like, “So where are you heading this year for summer? A cruise to the North or maybe a new coastal town?”

Summer in Spain is really just an excuse to escape the 100+ degree weather and head to anyone of the idyllic beach towns along the Southern, Northern, or Mediterranean Coasts. This summer in particular, is also shaping up to be a much needed diversion from the ever mounting issues with the Euro – Greece and the possibility of a “Grexit” , and now the meltdown within the Spanish banking sector, and amid soaring unemployment.

While the economic news here in Spain may have a dimmed outlook, the warm and sunny weather and the final week left in school have everyone excited and ready to enjoy the simple things.

Next up on my list will be to finalize the plans for summer (options include working as a director at a summer camp outside of Madrid or working with small classes and private english lessons during the summer). Of course, come August the goal will be to pick several, less traveled destinations and take off for a bit of vacation.

Got any great recommendations on where to go? Post ’em below as a comment.


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