In Transit: Istanbul (Video)

After an epic, 9 day trek through Turkey during the first week of April, it’s now time to sit back and describe the sights, the smells, and the scenes from across a truly diverse and incredible country. During a particularly rainy Spanish sunday, I flipped through the gratuitous number of photos and video clips I had amassed and it seemed only fair to first start with a slideshow of sorts.

Let’s start with a travel video which should capture the essence of our trip. For more than a week, my friend from back home and I weaved our way from Istanbul to the south of Turkey. Here’s a look inside, Callejeros Viajeros style.

Note: For viewers located in Bermuda, Germany, Japan, Montenegro, Serbia, United States, and the United States Minor Outlying Islands, you will have to watch the version without background music. Due to copyright infringement (aka you can’t use itunes music in videos anymore) YouTube will only let you watch the version without background music…so you’ll have to play your own. To start, I suggest blaring ACDC’s Shoot to Thrill, then the rest is up to you.


For those of you located in the U.K, Spain, and all other countries, you should be able to watch the original version below which includes background music. Let it load and crank up the volume!


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