Too Much Work, Not Enough Writing

And we’re back! Sorry for the epic-ally slow updates, but the past month and a half has been one filled with exhausting stretches of teaching high school, celebratory weekends, paying taxes, and of course, several noteworthy travel trips.

One of my first true escapes from Madrid was a weekend trip to Malaga. The coastal city and well known port is famous for many reasons – dependable beaches, perfect weather, a rambunctious nightlife, and it’s where most cruise ships will dock along the southern coast of Spain.

The biggest trip so far, has been a 10 day excursion to Turkey which included stops in Istanbul, Selcuk, Sirince, and more. The trip was incredible and one where I could have easily stayed on the road for several weeks.

Alongside all of the travel and work, I still had a couple final items to check off. I had to apply for and receive a NIE or TIE, which is the equivalent of a State ID Card in the States (just needed something with my picture and address to prove I live here). This has been taken care of and now I can get back to writing and should have several solid pieces up and ready for the weekend.

Coming up next…look for travel articles on Malaga, Istanbul, and more.




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