The New Teacher

STANDING at the front of the class and slowly pacing back and forth, a sea of eyes much younger than mine are, in a rare moment, actually focused up front. We might be talking about Technology or Globalization, either way it’s something I am interested in and it sure doesn’t feel like work.

Two full weeks have passed incredibly well at the Institute Beatriz Galindo where I now work as professor of English, professor of Political Science, and an assistant in the acting department, music department, and several science classes such as Biology and Natural Science. Yea professor might be a stretch but it sounds better than saying Language Assistant. In some classes, I move from aisle to aisle to help students as they are reading text in English or read aloud from the textbook. In others though, I give a straightforward lecture on the topic of the day. For example, in the Technology class I created a Powerpoint on the basics of the Internet and steps on how to effectively use Google Search while in a Social Studies class I gave a two-part lecture on Globalization and then NGOs. I do have two classes where I am the lone teacher, asked to command a classroom of twenty+ young high-schoolers ranging in age from 12-16 years old. The truth is that while a few kids may be passing notes or cracking jokes in Spanish slang, they are all noticeably bright and already able to carry a conversation in English (their second or third language before they are old enough to drive). Teaching at this school is fun and it really can not be considered hard work. Or at least it does not carry the same unbearable sting that say sitting at an office cubicle and cranking out tasks of no importance would.

That’s not to say the constant chatter doesn’t get annoying. A lion tamer – a booming American voice must be my whip.

After touching down in Madrid 3 weeks ago everything is falling into place. I’ve just rented a piso or flat and should get my first paycheck on Monday. Next on the list will be moving into the apartment and getting the paperwork rolling to receive a TIE and NIE Residence Card. Oh, and I probably should write a few pieces on Madrid at some point.


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