Weekend Getaway: Jack London Square

So you live in San Francisco but just never seem to be able to get out of the city? You’re so busy…and there’s just no reason to leave right? Well if Half Moon Bay, Sausalito, Berkeley, or Alcatraz aren’t interesting enough destinations, maybe you need to take a look across the bay and check out Oakland, CA.

On Sundays, Jack London Square is the place to be in bay area…and it all starts with a crowded farmer’s market. The waterfront park and marina start to get busy around 11:30am as the lunch crowd starts to intertwine with the organic veggie lovers and bloody mary drinkers. The market has a lot to offer and no matter what type of food you like there’s something here for you. The food vendors cook up African cuisine like Red Snapper with coconut and curry sauce, Mexican tamales, and Mediterranean dolmas. But trust me there’s only one stand you really need to stop by: the one handing out spicy Portuguese sausage fresh off the grill. If you aren’t hungry you can stroll through local offerings of fresh produce and proteins and load up for the week – berries, fruits, vegetables, smoked salmon, french pastries, the list goes on and on.

Typically the sun will be shining and a local band will be playing something in the grassy waterfront park.

After the farmer’s market the rest of the day is up to you . There’s a local winery across the train tracks called Cerruti Cellars which pours a wide array of wines (flights start at $6). Or if some excitement and adventure is calling, head to California Canoe & Kayak on the waterfront and rent a kayak for the afternoon ($20). You can paddle down along the canal which heads out into the Bay and cozy up to house boats.

After a full day of snacking, shopping, and wine tasting you can head to Regal Cinemas across the street to watch that movie you’ve been wanting to see. The lines will be long as it’s $5 for a ticket all day long, so get in line early.


Take BART (the local subway/underground transit) and get off at 12th street, Oakland. You can walk down Broadway to the waterfront.


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