Picking the Next President of America

Ready or not, the race for the White House is getting underway. While there are murmurs and whispers about a possible challenge to President Obama they should not be taken seriously. Obama will be the Democrat’s choice and will be a formidable challenge for whoever rises up from the ashes as the Republican nominee. Especially if unemployment drops below 8.0%.

The rumble within the Republican Party will be the most intriguing and most exhilarating for viewers and talking heads alike. The race promises to draw more blood than usual, as there is no clear front-runner. Keeping a grasp of the candidates can be quite difficult – here is a rundown of who and what you will see.

Mitt Romney: The frontrunner errr, sort of. Mr. Romney was Governor of Massachusetts and has quite a personal bankroll to fund his campaign. (approx 200 million) He has that Republican, reaganesque look which grants him instant attention. He has the economic chops – he saved the 2002 Olympic games in Utah and was highly successful in the private sector – and will most likely try to position his candicacy around the economy and creating jobs. However he stumbled last time around, mainly because no one believed what he was saying and he was like silly putty – changing and morphing who he was every week. What to look for: Other Republican’s beating him to a pulp over his health-care plan in Massachusetts which looks very, very similar to “Obamacare”. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/06/us/politics/06romney.html?_r=1&ref=politics

Newt Gingrich: A strong candidate with a shaky past. The name Gingrich strikes fear in the heart of all Democrats for several reasons. For one, they thought he was dead. Mr. Gingrich was supposed to wilt away and never come back – but here he is, ready to announce his candidacy. He also was damn good – in 1994 he was the architect of the Republican takeover and he coined one of the all-time great political notions, the “Contract with America”. He pushed morality in ways never before seen – he blamed the poor, the pregnant, and to be blunt, the “not white”. What to look for: Newt’s concepts, ideas, and ideology – while polarizing – will be a vivid contrast to Obama’s view and will make him a very strong contender. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/27/us/politics/27newt-gingrich.html

Sarah Palin: At this point, she needs no introduction. Palin has gone from Vice-Presidential Candidate to celebrity to Fox News contributor. Her image is a bit of head-scratcher and in many ways her entire political success is a bit like spilling a can of paint on a canvas and calling it art – it just doesn’t make sense. May run, may not. But we all hope she does. Please, run sarah run.

Mike Huckabee: Quick talking and Bible citing – he is a strong candidate who will most likely capture the Evangelical vote. He can be seen as quirky but he will be a strong challenge. What to look for: Huckabee will dominate the televised debates with quick, funny jabs and counter statements – making the other candidates fear him. His greatest threat is himself. http://www.observer.com/2010/media/cnn-poll-finds-huckabee-2012-gop-front-runner-cnn-anchor-credits-fox-news-tv-show

Ron Paul: The dark-horse. The wildcard. Ok you get it. Ron Paul is a bit difficult to figure out and while the rest of the candidates will attempt to chuckle him off as a lunatic or quack, if he sticks to his power points – the economy and foreign policy – he will be able to talk circles around the rest. He knows more about these subjects than almost anyone and with an active, younger support group he will have no problem gaining relevance. His challenge will be to seem stern and powerful while laying out his arguments when he has a limp-wristed, mouse whisper of a voice. What to look for: Watch as he details the truth about U.S foreign policy and other candidates laugh him off as “anti-american” – leaving you to think they fell asleep while watching Charlie Wilson’s War.

This will be one very interesting Presidential race and something tells me the whole world will be watching.


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