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In Tuscany, A Traveler’s Dream Day (Part 1)

March 15, 2014



FOR TRAVELERS AND VACATIONERS there’s a wide range of different ways available to describe a truly, great travel day. Some dream of doing nothing and others dream of doing everything. Yes, some dream of a day of utter nothingness, a day in which there is absolutely no stress, no movement, no effort, no…nothing. Imagine if you can, […]

Neighborhood Watch – Two Perspectives

March 9, 2014


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Originally posted on Ron Mayhew's Blog:
When we visit another country we wish to think of ourselves as travelers. Definitely not tourists. We want to blend in. To see and not be seen. To observe, learn, understand. Varanasi, India Varanasi, India But make no mistake, we are noticed, we are watched. Usually just a…

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Crater Glow

November 4, 2013



Originally posted on Peter Blottman Photography:
For a break from the beach on Maui, be sure to visit Haleakala National Park. Haleakala is the caldera of an enormous volcano, but the park itself extends from stark moonscape like terrain across alpine windswept fields, to the tropical beaches along the east end of the island. A…

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Street Art in San Francisco, CA

October 22, 2013



– San Francisco, CA Tucked into the heart of this city-by-the-bay, rests one of the most vibrant, cultural, and increasingly entertaining neighborhoods in the USA. Of course, I’m talking about the Mission! The mission is famously known for it’s rich latin heritage (strong Mexican/Latin American presence), hipster vibe, and trendy bars and shops. It doesn’t […]

Back from Vacation (An Update for All)

August 20, 2013



Yes, I’m back from a long, long break and I’m back from vacation. Typically during a vacation I’ll try to mix all the fun and kicking back with a bit of sightseeing, exploring, and investigating – all in an effort so that I can then say, “go here”, “try this, or “oh god no, do not […]

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